After a successful 5 years on art market under the name of ArtRouge, The Gallery is proud to announce its new name KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY, starting from May 27, 2010

The success of KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY is a product of the owner's distinct philosophy of nurturing artists with local roots through well-publicized shows, developing an active media presence.

Director-curator and owner of KAVACHNINA CONTEMPORARY , Gala Kvachnina is a 20 years experienced art dealer with vision and insight into the art market, who strongly believes that a dealer in today’s artworld has a great responsibility to help people learn how to look and feel art, and not be intimidated by new art forms. The common denominator used to select her artists is the work’s "spirit" of the artistic integrity, it’s use of a highly accomplished technique, unique style and subject matter, all with outstanding value. Gala Kavachnina was born in the cultural capital of Russia, where she studied Linguistics at the University of St.Petersburg and Art History at the Academy of Art, a native Russian speaker, fluent in French, Spanish and English, with a background in Art. "My gallery is considered one of the best galleries of Miami since it represents leading contemporary local and international artists “.

KAVACHNINA ’s exhibitions evade the expected forms and spill its exuberant, indefinable mélange of cultures and ideas across the canvas of the public view, garnering national acclaim. Voted as "The Best Damn Art Show, Period" by The Miami New Times in 2009 and earning the 2008 Miami Award in the Art Galleries & Dealers category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA), their successful curatorial philosophy is consciously provocative yet inherently cerebral, bringing both highly-talented young and long established Miami artists to an ample, welcoming space . From its inception, KAVACHNINA has drawn keen, enthusiastic support from art world professionals and amateurs alike. As its international repertory grows, KAVACHNINA’s priority is maintaining and developing its privileged relationships with collectors and friends of prestigious Local and International institutions.